Something about The Fifth Estate feels familiar…

After watching the trailer for The Fifth Estate I felt compelled to help market the film in a really original way so I created a really original poster that I believe compliments this really original film, really originally.


Let’s face it, the film is essentially going to be The Social Network meets Argo.



A Field in England: Review

afieldbannerA Field in England (2013) was a unique experiment in marketing by Film4. It was also a film by Ben Wheatley. The film takes place in an unknown time in a field in England. The narrative follows a group of men who desert from their Civil War allies and find themselves imprisoned by two men who force the group to dig for treasure. As the men dig deeper, paranoia starts to creep in and the group slowly lose their minds.

It’s certainly a very different film for Ben Wheatley, but then aren’t all his films rather different? A Field of England is almost blend of Ingmar Bergman, Werner Herzog and well Ben Wheatley. Combining horror elements with a contemplative drama around morality, Wheatley manages to strike a balance between The Seventh Seal and The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser. Filming in black and white helps to set the period and the high contrast creates a gritty realistic feel to the piece. The cast works well especially the addition of Michael Smiley who gives a much needed presence to the overall film. The editing is experimental and helps to enhance the feeling of madness descending on the group.

seventsealfieldA Seventh Field in England

However, does it work as an engaging and entertaining film? For me, not so much. There’s too much confusion, too many unexplained things that happen in the narrative that overall, it’s difficult to care. Ben Wheatley made the film he wanted to make but unfortunately the fundamentals are absent thus making the film a rather empty experience to watch.


A Field In England on a Television In England


In case you’ve been living in oblivion for the past few years (or you don’t watch a lot of British cinema) director Ben Wheatley has quickly become one of Britain’s finest directors with films such as Kill List and Sightseers already under his belt. His new feature titled A Field in England, will be opening in cinemas tomorrow. But if you’re too lazy to go to the cinema or too cheap to go to the cinema or you’re too lazy and too cheap to go to the cinema then Film4 has the perfect option for you. That is because for the first time in Film4 history, the channel will be premiering a feature on television on the exact same day that it opens in cinema (you can also buy the DVD or Blu-Ray tomorrow as well).

So mark your calendar and set an alarm for 4th July at 10:45pm and celebrate American Independence Day by watching an English Civil War film!


Why I love Bill Hader or I just watched Adventureland

Apologies for being nearly 4 years late but today I finally managed to sit down and watch Adventureland (2009). The quirky coming of age story is a joyful watch throughout and for the most part, manages to depict relationships in a relatable manner for the audience. My only gripe was that the ending (SPOILERS) was too cliche and went against a lot of what is said in the rest of the film. A far more poignant ending that fits in with the rest of the story would be too end it before James (Jesse Eisenberg) manages to resolve his relationship with love interest Em (Kristen Stewart). For me, the idea of not having closure with a relationship fits more with real life. Most of the people we meet we will never have closure with. We simple drift apart.

But regardless of the ending, I still really enjoyed the film especially every time Bill Hader was on screen. I haven’t seen Hader in much else apart from Superbad, Hot Rod and Knocked Up and I will thoroughly look forward to seeing him in future projects after giving an overall hilarious performance in Adventureland.

In his honour I decided to create some GIFs of my favourite moments of his in the film.

adventure1 adventure3 adventure2

And finally to top it all off, according to the video below taken from the Criterion Collection YouTube channel, Bill Hader is a big old cinephile.


I’m back baby!

Yes, that’s right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You don’t need glasses. Your brain is in perfect condition and you don’t need an MRI scan. Unless of course you actually need an MRI scan.

As the great Harry Lime once said…guesswhoisback

Okay, I’m not entirely sure if that quote is correct because I haven’t seen The Third Man for a while but I’m pretty sure a sly dog like Orson Welles would certainly say something of a similar nature.

So I unexpectedly paused the blog for a couple of months whilst I was busy and to be perfectly honest, I kind of forgot about the blog until a few days ago when I suddenly gained a burst of followers. I have no idea why so many people suddenly started to follow the blog but it inspired me to start writing again. And so here I am writing with no end in sight unless I decide to stop again. Who knows when that will happen? But for now the future is bright unless you’re going to see Man of Steel anytime soon.


Hollywood’s attractive outcasts (the problem with the Carrie remake)

outcastsbannerAs you are probably aware, there is a remake of the 1976 film adaptation of Carrie, currently being filmed. I’m sure you also know that there was nothing wrong with the 1976 adaptation that warrants a remake and this is obviously a cash grab. And that doesn’t bother me really, at least, not as much as it used to. It happens so much nowadays that it’s made me become numb to the idea. What bothers me however is the choice of who should play Carrie: Chloe Grace Moretz.


Carrie is an outcast. Sissy Spacek who played Carrie in the original film was brilliant not only because she is a great actress (Badlands is proof of that) but because she also looks a little odd herself. She’s not unattractive, but she has an appearance that would suggest that she’s isn’t the most popular girl in her school. Chloe Grace Moretz on the other hand is the opposite. She’s a very attractive girl and one could see her being one of the more popular girls in school. So it’s very difficult to believe that she’s some sort of outcast regardless of her backstory.

Moreover, this is a growing problem in Hollywood that I began to notice last year. Attractive people are being cast as outcasts. From Aubrey Plaza in Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) to Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man to Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), it’s a growing trend and it needs to stop. I liked all these films but it’s so difficult to believe in the characters when the actors themselves don’t match the character’s personality because of their appearance.