Hannah and Her Yellow Sisters

So I decided to watch Hannah and Her Sisters by Woody Allen the other night. This was my first time watching the film and the first time watching anything on the television that I watched it on. This television is unfortunately quite old and something has gone wrong with the colour of the screen and the effect is that all the whites have turned yellow. However, having not seen anything on this television before and having not seen the film before, I assumed that the yellow colour was some sort of stylization choice by Woody Allen. Similarly to the use of black and white in Woody Allen’s Manhattan. It was only after the film was finished, when I decided to look up some things about the film on the internet that I realised that the film didn’t have some strange colour correction to it and that is was just my television.

Yellow Hannah
It’s odd but I’m slightly disappointed. I’ve tried to capture the look of the film how I saw it in this shot above but it doesn’t quite do it justice. The way I saw the film was so vibrant and interesting. It gave the city a romantic feel to it in a similar way to Midnight in Paris and it gave the overall tone of the film a warm feel which was particularly beautiful in wide shots. For me, this striking yellow version of Hannah and Her Sisters will always be the one that I remember.



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