Things that confused me in the trailer for Upstream Color

So apart from the misspelling of the word ‘colour’ here is my list of things that confused me in the trailer for Shane Carruth’s new film Upstream Color (which is mostly everything). Shane Carruth previously found fame with his excellent debut Primer in 2004. If this trailer is anything like the final film, then we could be in for quite a confusing watch.

Check out the trailer above if you haven’t seen it already. Now onto the breakdown.

UC1So the trailer starts out quite normal. A couple visit a location that they both remember. The man speaks about following a woman somewhere.UC2Then we get a logo. Could possibly be a ‘b’ ‘e’ and ‘p’. Not sure what those letters could stand for.UC3The confused couple huddle together in a bath waiting for a possible attacker. It looks like they expect to be there for a while judging by the food. There also appears to be the shadow of an axe on the wall.UC4The pigs are important. Or at least they are to this person who appears to be stealing one. Or maybe taking it for a nighttime drive.UC5Some kids do some weird arm gestures. We’re only half way through the trailer.

UC6Now these guys either had a crazy night out in Magaluf and got matching leg tattoos or they’ve both been marked for some mysterious reason.

UC7Could “sleeping with the pigs” be some form of metaphor?

UC8A maggot in a flower. Is this supposed to represent some sort of infection? Perhaps the process that the couple go under becomes tainted.

UC9And finally the title appears. What does the title represent and what could this all mean? Perhaps we will find out later in the year when Upstream Color is released. Although there is a good chance we’ll be just as confused by the time it finally comes out.



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