Badlands/True Romance

badlandstrueromancebannerMyself and Andy Duffield decided to sit down and watch Badlands and True Romance in one sitting to compare the similarities between the two films. Although made 20 years apart, they both have some interesting things in common.

The most obvious similarity is their theme music which can be observed in a video I made below.

Here are some other similarities:

  • The female character narrates the beginning and end of the story making the story her point of view.
  • The two lead characters fall in love at the beginning of the film very quickly.
  • The only relative of either character that is ever seen is a father who is killed early on.
  • The two lead characters go on the run after the male lead kills someone.
  • The female lead has a strong southern accent.
  • The lead characters drive a Cadillac.
  • The opening narration speaks about the events that take place in the film as the past.
  • The lead male it referred to as a famous film star (James Dean/Charles Bronson).

There were also a few visual that I found similar.

badromance1 Both female leads pick up a head sculpture.badromance2 Both female leads cover their head under a blanket.badromance3A helicopter is featured in the one of the final scenes.

I guess they have a few things in common although I was expecting there to be more.



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