Cloud Atlas: Review

cloudatlasbannerCloud Atlas is the biggest and bestest blockbuster to ever come out in the month of February. It’s an astounding achievement in cinema that is not to be missed.

I think at the moment that is the best that I can do for a review. It’s a difficult film to review mainly because of its originality and incredible scope and length so I’m not even going to try to review it properly. The film has so much depth to it that further viewings are definitely required to truly understand everything that happens especially concerning the small details. All I’m going to say is to go see the film in the cinema. It’s a great cinematic experience.

Also stay for the credits, you’re in for some surprises.



4 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas: Review

  1. I thought it was interesting and confusing. I liked that. If a movie 3 hours long can keep me awake, then there is something there, peaking my interest. I’ll admit I didn’t quite get the whole message of the movie, until it was explained to me, then I just went, “huh”? Still, I liked what I saw. Good review Matt.

    • Thanks for the comment! There’s still a lot that confuses me but I think with another viewing I’ll be able to pick up on a few more things.

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