The Five Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts

I stumbled upon a few of the animated shorts that are nominated for the Oscars this year and so I decided to watch the rest of them and write a short article based around my feelings on the films. Luckily all the shorts are available online and they all can be consumed within an hour.

papermanbannerPaperman dir. John Kahrs.

What is it about?  A man living in a black and white world falls instantly in love for a woman after she leaves red lipstick on his papers. Instead of being angry about this vandalism, our hero spends the day attempting to get her attention by making paper airplanes out of his papers.

Should it win? No. The first few minutes are fantastic. Beautifully romantic, charming and quite funny. Then in a bizarre move, the paper is brought to life.

Will it win? Quite possibly. It’s Disney and everyone loves Disney. Right?

headoverheelsbannerHead Over Heels dir. Timothy Reckart.

What is it about?  A married couple who have grown apart quite literally, attempt to rekindle their lost love. I don’t want to spoil anything so do yourself a favour and watch it.

Should it win? Yes. It’s got some Up vibes but apart from that, it’s completely original and extremely well executed. Some of the imagery will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Will it win? Original? Academy Award? Those two don’t generally do well together.

adambannerAdam and Dog dir. Minkyu Lee

What is it about?  In the Garden of Eden, a dog discovers Adam.

Should it win? Maybe. It’s really nicely presented. The backdrops are gorgeous. It’s a clever take on an overly saturated story. My only issue was that sometimes that animation seemed quite choppy. Especially in the wide shots. Does this mean it shouldn’t win? No, but it does drag the film down a little.

Will it win? Almost definitely. The film has picked up plenty of hype recently on the internet, just at the right time.

freshbannerFresh Guacamole dir. PES

What is it about?  A chef tries to make Guacamole out of a grenade, dice and some poker chips. He fails miserably and the final result looks like a 3 year old’s Play-Doh creation.

Should it win? No. As much as I love PES, this looks like it could have come from any of his films. It’s technically incredible as always but lacks in every other area.

Will it win? Not a chance.

daycarebannerThe Longest Daycare dir. David Silverman

What is it about? The Simpsons decide to recycle a plot they once did 153 years ago in an attempt to fool us into thinking that The Simpsons is good once again.

Should it win? No. It’s got a nice little end but ultimately it’s ‘new’ Simpsons.

Will it win? No.



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