Dead Man’s Shoes LIVE


In March, the Southbank Centre in London is doing a special screening of Shane Meadow’s iconic film Dead Man’s Shoes. For the screening, there will be a live re-score performed by artists from the bands Clayhill, UNKLE and South as well as a few others. I know, I haven’t heard of them either but apparently Clayhill did the cover of The Smiths song Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want which is used in This Is England. Also UNKLE seem to be pretty popular/successful. You can buy tickets from Southbank’s website here.

The idea was commissioned for Warp Film’s 10th birthday. Warp Films, for those who don’t know, are currently one of Britain’s best independent film production companies who have a fantastic track record and have produced great films such as This Is England, Four Lions, Bunny and the Bull, Submarine and Kill List. You can view their website here.

warp-filmsThis is their logo. Learn to recognise it.

I would also like to point out that I do not work for the Southbank Center nor do I work for Warp Films.



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