Veronica Mars gets a Kickstart

Veronica Mars, the highly successful TV show starring Kristen Bell is often regarded as a show that was cancelled before its time. Personally, I’ve only see a few quite average episodes but apparently it’s quite good and it’s still relevant if this Kickstarter campaign is anything to judge it by.

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Last night, a Kickstarter campaign was launched with a goal to achieve a whopping $2,000,000 in 30 days. Surprisingly, not only was that total reached in about 10 hours, but it has also been far surpassed and is close to reaching $3,000,000. The aim of the campaign is to show Warner Brothers that people would be interested in a Veronica Mars film. But what is the money raised going to be used for? Is it the film’s budget, or is it a message to Warner Brothers to get off their arse and finance a Veronica Mars film? Surely you can’t expect fans to cough up the film’s budget and then ask them later to pay for cinema tickets and DVDs? And if they’re simply trying to send a message, why not get a petition going? Or something that doesn’t involve people donating ludicrous amounts of their own money to a industry that is full of money?

Let’s just hope this doesn’t become a trend eh?



5 thoughts on “Veronica Mars gets a Kickstart

  1. I heard about this and have seen positive and negative responses. Even the ones that have been reported as positive though, such as hearing that if you pledge $35 you’ll get “a digital version of the film within a few days of its theatrical debut.” and the words from the creator of the series in this interview don’t entirely convince me.

    Surely in this day and age it is easier then ever to do some market research from social networks etc and show a production company why they should invest in a film -talking solely about films/shows that are already known – rather then asking fans for money straight up.

    I’m sure there will be lots of discussion on this though so I’ll wait and see how it all pans out in the future.

  2. Definitely. We’ll see what comes of it but I can’t shake the feeling that the fans generosity has been abused. Surely they should have stopped the funding when they had the money they needed as well? I keep reading “with more money we can make a better film” but that’s a total lie.

  3. “with more money we can make a better film”? ha yeah right. Didn’t realise they were still accepting money, that seems strange. Well I hope for their sake they’re pleased with the finished film.

    • Not only are they still accepting money, but they’re also offering new perks for donating and trying to enable international donations.

      • They should upload a couple of different scripts for the film and let the fans vote on which one they want to see made. Now that’s a perk for the public. For free though. Give the money back. The people want Veronica Mars, give it to them haha. I must admit I’ve only seen very little of it. In any case, didn’t Serenity essentially get made because of fan power, a film I really enjoyed and up to that point I had yet to hear of Firefly.

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