The Desolation of Excitement: The Hobbit Sneak Peek

In case you hadn’t heard, Peter Jackson was offering a sneak peek of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) to anyone who bought the previous film in The Hobbit series on DVD or Blu-ray. So as someone who found The Hobbit (2012) to be too long and too repetitive I decided not to buy the DVD or Blu-ray. However I accidentally stumbled upon the sneak peek myself. Oh boy.

smaug1This exciting trailer starts out with everyone’s favourite deus ex machina…I mean…wizard, Gandalf as he enters a tomb/cave/prison thing.smaug2He then walks along a narrow bridge like he did the first trailer for The Hobbit. I wonder if they’ll decide to put this shot in this film or will they wait till the next one again? I for one cannot wait to see this shot.smaug3Gandalf approaches a jump scare…smaug4…and then a jump scare comes flying at Gandalf.smaug5And it turns out it’s just this happy chap from the previous film. Great, we’ve got this again. Prepare to awkwardly laugh at something only a 5 year old would find funny. smaug6Gandalf does not look impressed.smaug7And then the camera tracks back through this broken gate. 

December 2013. Prepare to be disappointed, again.



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