Trance: Review

trancebannerTrance (2013) is a film that bursts with energy. Directed by Oscar winning, Olympic ceremony designer and all round English hero Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting), Trance follows an art auctioneer played by the talented James McAvoy who  becomes caught up in the world of crime. But when a plan goes wrong, Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson) a hypnotherapist is brought in to help recover a lost painting.

Dannny Boyle is one of the most assured directors working today, you only have to look at his London 2012 opening ceremony to realise that. His work is bold, confident and oozes with style. Known for experimenting with different genres and often telling unusual stories, Boyle once again dazzles his audience with his latest effort. Trance is an electric crime thriller that is told brilliantly well with plenty of twists and turns that should keep all audiences entertained. Perhaps some may find it a little confusing however I had no problem with following the plot.

One of the complaints that Trance has received is that the film focuses too much on style. However, whatever your opinion is on this matter, there can be no questions that the film’s style is fantastic. The cinematography combined with the sound make for an electrifying experienced and truly add to the enjoyment of the film. I actually saw this film with a couple of friends and the only real complaint was that in once scene near the end of the film, an iPad is seen to function incorrectly to how iPads function in the real world. Danny Boyle

Nice try Boyle.



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