Why I love Bill Hader or I just watched Adventureland

Apologies for being nearly 4 years late but today I finally managed to sit down and watch Adventureland (2009). The quirky coming of age story is a joyful watch throughout and for the most part, manages to depict relationships in a relatable manner for the audience. My only gripe was that the ending (SPOILERS) was too cliche and went against a lot of what is said in the rest of the film. A far more poignant ending that fits in with the rest of the story would be too end it before James (Jesse Eisenberg) manages to resolve his relationship with love interest Em (Kristen Stewart). For me, the idea of not having closure with a relationship fits more with real life. Most of the people we meet we will never have closure with. We simple drift apart.

But regardless of the ending, I still really enjoyed the film especially every time Bill Hader was on screen. I haven’t seen Hader in much else apart from Superbad, Hot Rod and Knocked Up and I will thoroughly look forward to seeing him in future projects after giving an overall hilarious performance in Adventureland.

In his honour I decided to create some GIFs of my favourite moments of his in the film.

adventure1 adventure3 adventure2

And finally to top it all off, according to the video below taken from the Criterion Collection YouTube channel, Bill Hader is a big old cinephile.