I’m back baby!

Yes, that’s right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You don’t need glasses. Your brain is in perfect condition and you don’t need an MRI scan. Unless of course you actually need an MRI scan.

As the great Harry Lime once said…guesswhoisback

Okay, I’m not entirely sure if that quote is correct because I haven’t seen The Third Man for a while but I’m pretty sure a sly dog like Orson Welles would certainly say something of a similar nature.

So I unexpectedly paused the blog for a couple of months whilst I was busy and to be perfectly honest, I kind of forgot about the blog until a few days ago when I suddenly gained a burst of followers. I have no idea why so many people suddenly started to follow the blog but it inspired me to start writing again. And so here I am writing with no end in sight unless I decide to stop again. Who knows when that will happen? But for now the future is bright unless you’re going to see Man of Steel anytime soon.