A Field In England on a Television In England


In case you’ve been living in oblivion for the past few years (or you don’t watch a lot of British cinema) director Ben Wheatley has quickly become one of Britain’s finest directors with films such as Kill List and Sightseers already under his belt. His new feature titled A Field in England, will be opening in cinemas tomorrow. But if you’re too lazy to go to the cinema or too cheap to go to the cinema or you’re too lazy and too cheap to go to the cinema then Film4 has the perfect option for you. That is because for the first time in Film4 history, the channel will be premiering a feature on television on the exact same day that it opens in cinema (you can also buy the DVD or Blu-Ray tomorrow as well).

So mark your calendar and set an alarm for 4th July at 10:45pm and celebrate American Independence Day by watching an English Civil War film!